Mount Rinjani Trek difficulty:   The track surface can be dry, powdery and slippery.  You may find it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back.  Even people in top physical condition consider it to be difficult.  People in good physical condition find the trek exhausting.  You will enjoy the trek a lot more if you are physically fit, as climbing this massive volcano takes several days and has a very steep incline at certain points.  The duration of the treks makes a big difference to their difficulty.  Trekking Mount Rinjani in just 3 Days / 2 Nights is not the same as trekking it in 4 Days / 3 Nights.  If you allow more time then you can split the trek into smaller daily distances.  This gives you more time to rest, enjoy the scenery, take photos and soak in the atmosphere.

Walking sticks are highly recommended as an aid to balance and traction.  They will also help with reducing fatigue.

  • 3D/2N is the most challenging package.  Even experienced hikers rate this trek as challenging.  This package gives you just enough time to climb to the summit and also visit the crater lake and natural hot springs.
  • 4D/3N is good if you’re in no rush.  This package option provides more time to relax and enjoy beautiful Mt Rinjani.
Two days / one night options:
  • 2D/1N from Sembalun includes the summit trek.  If you’re in good shape then you can climb up to the crater rim for sunset and to either summit to watch the sunrise.
  • 2D/1N from Senaru without the summit trek.  This is the shortest trek we recommend for beginners.  If you are absolutely sure you don’t want to climb to the summit then you can trek to the crater rim.  This allows you to camp on  the Senaru side of the rim.  In this instance we recommend staying at Plawangan Senaru.
What Should I Bring For Trekking
You must be prepared with good equipments, warm and windproof clothing if you want to make adventure trekking to the summit of Rinjani mountain 3726 m.
mount rinjani summit

Wind breaker jacket – try to looking for this kind of jacket will probably so much helpful especially on the night.Plawangan Sembalun where the camp would be built are located on 2000 masl.You have to not only concern about the temperature degree but also the strong wind, particularly on your upcoming summit attack.

Trekking Pole – it’s not the essential things, but you’d need it so much when you climb up the summit.Given the volcanic gravel, the climb consisted of regularly climbing two steps forward only to slide at least one back.And use only one is already good enough.

Physics and Mental – Do some exercises at least 2 months before the day. Along with the physics issue, mental is also needed. Prepare your mental, and believe yourself that nothing is impossible and ensure that miracle will never exist in this case. The one that would brought you to the top and finish the line is only yourself, no one else. 

What should i pack ? Rinjani Trekking Packing List 

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