When is the best trekking season for Mountain Rinjani?

Any time during the dry months from April to December. The Mount Rinjani National Park is closed for hiking during the rainy season from January to March

How many people in my group?

At Jou Trekking, we only do private tour, our representative staff are welcoming you in Lombok after you arrive. There will not be more people in your group, so you will have a very personal experience and the tour is more flexible to change to your needs. During the tour, you can always stop for taking photos at any time!

Where can I store my luggage when I leave for a trek?

You can leave your luggage for free in our office while trekking.

How long is the trek and how many hours do we trek each days

The typical route which covers the crater rims, summit and lake takes 3D2N to cover. The trekking durations are: Day 01 ~ 8 hrs; Day 02 ~ 11 hrs; Day 03 ~ 10 hrs. (Timings are estimated and depends on the individual trekker’s physical stamina and conditions.

Do I have to climb the summit

Guests are not required to complete the summit climb. Whilst it is a challenge worth attempting, guests choosing not to climb can sleep and relax at basecamp until the others in your group have returned from the summit.

What types of footwear are recommended for the trek?

A pair of trekking shoes (that you have worn before) with good traction. Mid or high-cut shoes are preferred over low-cut ones for better ankle grips and to prevent loose soils from getting into the shoes.

Can I have vegetarian meals, vegan, special meals?

We offer standard meals as well as a vegetarian meal option. Just let us know if you want vegetarian meals when you book your trek.

I have a food allergy, can this be catered for?

We have plenty of clients who have allergies to nuts, wheat, etc. Please give us details of your allergy at the time of booking.

Do the guides speak English?

Yes they do. Our team can speak and understand basic English.

What is the temperature like in the mountains?

The temperature in the day is around 15 – 25 degree Celsius at and below the rims.At night, the temperature at the Rim is usually below 10 degree Celsius.At times, it can be near freezing especially towards the summit.

What currency to pay with?
You can pay us in US dollars and in Indonesian Rupiah. Whatever is easiest for you
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