jou trekking

Jou Trekking is eco friendly trekking company in lombok which introduces green tourism in Mt Rinjani lombok, protect the environment and go green. Since our establishment, we focus on seriously taking care of and preserving rinjani environment, keeping Mt Rinjani clean and as undisturbed as possible to insure that indonesian communities in future and visitors from around the world will be able to enjoy the essence of beautiful mountain Rinjani.

Our main aims is to operate eco friendly tours in mount Rinjani by educating the next generation of mountain explorers and encourage them to be sustainable followers. and making all locals peoples specially Porters and guides aware and encouraging to them actively participate in environment preservation and sustainable Tourism. We are dedicated to preserving beauty of Mount Rinjani to stay beautiful with no trash.

We work sincerely to ensure that Rinjani environment is protected for the generations ahead to come. We make sure all the activities delivered by us are environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive

Come join us at Jou Trekking  for a unique and memorable experience.

We will serve you best when you arrive on the island of Lombok to the end of your trip to Mt Rinjani.